Digital solutions for creating real-life experiences.

Event- Media Production

Picture it: Massive, synchronised LED panels. Real-time data visualisation. Narrative-building countdown displays. All working in tandem to seize attention and drive anticipation.

We deliver more than visibility. We build captivating, immersive brand landscapes. We know that when it comes to deploying high-end audiovisual elements at any scale, seamlessness can make or break the emotional experience of your brand. Technical sophistication isn’t enough. The overall execution needs to be artful, elegant.

At Shoota we work in 360°. From ideation to design, from message to narrative, from aesthetic to technical interface. Our in-house production team offers both classic motion graphics and the latest real-time media design, rooted in a deep expertise and specialization in event media production. To round things out, we also offer in-house audio production and collaboration with top international music producers.

Retail Interaction

Ever considered interactive shopping windows or media installations that respond to the color of your customers’ clothes? Why not?

Contrary to popular belief, the future of retail isn’t exclusively online. Direct experience, out in the world, still matters a great deal. How brands imprint on audiences is a matter of interaction, not medium. Shoota delivers concepts, designing and coding interfaces according to brand and architectural needs – turning shopping trips into riveting journeys.

Broadcast, TV, and Studio Graphics

Whether it’s chyrons, game scores, election graphics, an entire station identification, or even an in-studio team reacting to a sports event in real-time – we’ve got you. Creative excellence combined with an intimate knowledge of TV broadcast technology and workflows make us the ideal partner for TV and show producers across the globe.

Augmented Reality Shows

Augmented or Mixed Reality offers whole new worlds for innovative storytelling. Real-time 3D graphics can actually interact with onstage presenters or allow them to virtually dive into their topic. Undoubtedly the most innovative way to give your broadcast or livestream a stunning, futuristic upgrade. Shoota is one of the most innovative and experienced AR providers in Europe and we are more than happy to produce your AR needs, at a professional TV studio or any other place you might need us – even at your company building.

Interactive Display & Signage

Informational and commercial displays, restaurant menus, virtual promotions and interactive micro experiences for your show booth? You can get it all! We think beyond merely making an impression, centering functional advantage for your brand.

Multimedia applications on a display or terminal with touch- or gesture-controlled interfaces can both keep your audience engaged when your immediate attention is elsewhere and collect structured data, syncing it to your marketing cloud automatically. There are endless possibilities. The endgame is maximizing impact at point of contact, regardless of your team’s size or presence.

High end presentation

We provide interactive animation and the latest real-time media for any stage format, allowing you to craft absolutely stunning stories. Whether it’s a C-suite presentation on your new strategy or your latest product, the sky is really the limit. We offer top-shelf, broadcast-quality motion graphics and interactive presentation design – showcasing your company’s imagination and capacity for high-quality execution. Our top tier team of communicators, designers, and coders make the merely plausible a reality. We work end to end, providing ideation support, narrative architecture and interactive visual technology for any setting.

Real-time Data Visualization

Pulling back the curtain can deepen your audience’s understanding of what you do, what’s at stake in it, and your command of its moving parts. Simplifying that is critical to real-time communication. Making it cinematic can be game-changing. From presentation visuals to physical installations, we can render real-time data in ways that foreground your brand’s creativity and technical precision.

Digital Sales Integration

We don’t just do communication. Everything we offer can just as easily be leveraged to produce a seamless sales experience, online or in person. Your sales team should be accessible at every stage of the customer or client journey – in the real world and online. We can design digital concepts, tools, apps, and overall infrastructure to support your sales team in exceeding all expectations.

Want to showcase your latest product’s features in a fully interactive, customer-centric digital model? We’ve got you. How about a hybrid showroom that drives both in-person and online sales? We can do that, too. We’re here to create an imposing presence for you in both spheres, generating new leads and deepening your engagement with existing ones.

Story, scene, and sensation. Media, data streams, and digital identities. All tightly knit into one arresting concept.

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